Integrated Management System

On the “Integrated Management System – Lean BOS” page of our website I discuss the emerging trend in and demand for integrating quality, environmental, health & safety, regulatory, and business improvement objectives into a single business operating system (BOS).  On this page I state that “today’s integration objectives are generally clear: companies want a management system that seamlessly addresses the requirements of multiple management system standards while serving as the foundation for continual improvement and organizational excellence.” In other words,  modern integrated management systems blend ISO 9001, TS 16949, AS9100, TL 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 with regulatory requirements and improvement initiatives like TQM, Lean, and Six Sigma.

As always, large and more progressive companies are the vanguard in this effort.  Some succeed better than others (see Improvement Initiatives Are Like Diets and ISO 9001 Q&A).  What troubles me, however, is that small and mid-sized companies are reluctant to even entertain the idea of an integrated management system (or Lean BOS) because they assume that it is too complex, too time consuming, and too expensive for them.  In my experience this is typically an uninformed opinion.  When one considers that small and mid-sized companies also deal with:

  • finding and keeping customers,
  • understanding and managing customer requirements and audits,
  • resolving customer complaints,
  • employee safety, training, competence, satisfaction, and retention,
  • process and/or product improvement and optimization,
  • corrective and preventive action,
  • selecting and managing vendors and purchased items,
  • key performance indicators and key metrics,
  • environmental impact, and
  • regulatory compliance,

then the effort and cost of an integrated management system become a sound business investment.   I understand that investing in organizational development during uncertain economic times is difficult.  But when considering increasing global competition and rising costs, can small and mid sized companies really afford not to invest? If a company does not invest in its own development when times are good or when time are bad, then the prognosis for the company’s future is far more grim than the current economic climate.

Kirill Liberman, President

2 Responses to “Integrated Management System”

  1. Bob says:

    Companies who are geared towards integrating their management systems are actually in the better position to streamline and map out effectively their business processes that will address these major concerns of today’s business world, quality, environmental and safety and health.

  2. Kirill says:

    Thanks for the comment, Bob, and welcome to the Organizational Excellence Blog.

    Gearing companies for integration is what my firm and I strive to do with our Lean QMS, Lean EMS, & Lean EHS methodology.

    Thanks again. We look forward to more of your comments.

    Kirill Liberman

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