ISO 14001 Awareness Training

ISO 14001 | ISO 14000

Understanding ISO 14001 requirements and nuances can be difficult. It is important that your general staff understands the intent of ISO 14001, the corporate objectives of the implementation project, and how implementation will effect and involve all employees.

This two-hour course will provide employees with the information they need to understand ISO 14001 requirements, its intent, and their role in the development and maintenance of an EMS that is specific to your company.

General staff awareness training focuses on summarizing environmental management system (EMS) implementation, gives an overview of the basic ISO 14001 requirements, describes the audit process, and prepares participants for the Registration Audit.

Course Content

  1. What is ISO 14001? - Definitions and concepts
  2. Document Structure
  3. What will it take to get registered?
    1. What is Audited?
    2. What are Management's Responsibilities?
    3. Employee Participation
  4. Understanding ISO 14001: clause by clause
  5. Preparing for the Audit
    1. Auditor questions
    2. Audit etiquette
    3. Do's and Don'ts

Who Should Attend

Typically, all personnel at the location subject to audit by the registrar should attend this training. This includes those individuals who are charged with implementing or maintaining the EMS.

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