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"...I highly recommend Pinnacle for tailoring the ISO certification process around a sound business system rather than tailoring the business to a standard."

Mike Soter, Vice President
RoMan Engineering Services, Inc.

Pinnacle Enterprise Group (Pinnacle) is a process engineering, management system implementation, and organizational development firm. Pinnacle is a pioneer of the customized accelerated management system implementation and certification (registration) approach. While the industry norm for implementation of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 based management systems is still 12 months or more, Pinnacle assists organizations through the process in an average of 3-6 months, with better overall management system performance.

ISO 9001 Consulting ServicesThe key to Pinnacle's success is a commitment to the knowledge transfer philosophy and our methodology. We see a relationship between ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 based standards, Lean and Six Sigma tools and methods, regulatory and/or industry requirements, customer satisfaction and perception, and organizational skills development. The rational and practical integration and application of these elements will result in a Lean BOS ® that is compliant with any management system standard. But more importantly, when the Lean BOS ® is implemented properly, the resulting management system will give you:

  • rationalized processes and procedures,
  • improved and consistent departmental interaction,
  • unfettered material and information flow,
  • optimized value streams,
  • the ability to identify and solve systemic process and product problems,
  • improved customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • assured regulatory compliance, and
  • the platform for continual improvement and evolution of your business operating system (BOS).

"...Pinnacle was able to demystify the relationship between ISO 9000, Six Sigma, and the Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria for our management team. We finally began to visualize a practical journey toward a high performance management system and an excellence focused organization."

Denise Bertin-Epp, CEO
Brighton Hospital

Pinnacle's approach is more than just an ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 certification program. It is also more than a Lean tools training program or a Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum. Simply addressing generic requirements and blindly learning advanced quality tools does little to move your organization toward a high performance BOS. Truly maximizing the value of your BOS mandates an integrated Lean BOS® approach, a sustained mind set, and proficiency that must be acquired through "knowledge transfer." For the long-term viability of an organization, the rationalization and integration of the business, quality, regulatory, and technical processes must be permanent.

Our Mission

Pinnacle's mission and purpose is to help organizations achieve business excellence through the rational development and improvement of the business system. The in-depth experience of our progressive staff and our innovative approach to business process improvement, Management System implementation, and organizational development is reflected in our broad array of services. Pinnacle is committed to providing the highest quality, custom tailored, and affordable training and consulting services to help organization along the road to organizational excellence.

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